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8th November 2011

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I must confess that I am not as interested in Phyllis Nesmith as some of you are, but I will say she had lovely eyebrows.  And I think you know what a huge thing that is for me.

Tiger Beat, August 1967

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    I love Phyllis! The only thing that bothers me is the whole weight control thing in the article, but that’s another...
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    Oh god, Jane, I didn’t even notice that but you’re right. Ugh.
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    It’s very telling that she is shown as having no mouth, isn’t it?
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    Wow, I just read this! "As the lion in the family, her husband is the total boss and she would never think of going...
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    I am so sorry for Phyllis.
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    You also have to want six-inch heels at $500 a pop and be able to run around the city all day while wearing them - while...
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    I’m an eyebrow admirer, too. Hers were fantastic. All sorts of dominance/submissive sex fantasies were going through my...
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